IM Training Log w/c 30.12.19

Body Comp Stats
Yes, Christmas did have a negative effect on the fat and muscle. Weight didn’t change though, once again proving you shouldn’t pay too much attention to the scales.
Weight: 77.3kg
Fat%: 30.5%
Muscle: 30.6%

This week brings the start of my fully planned training plan. I have mapped out every single day from now until the IronMan. Plus, I have started a new fully coached programme with We Dominate Nutrition so it really is a case of ‘bring it on!’

Mon: 12.15pm Total Body Conditioning

The usual Monday routine of Row, Bike, Ski as a 36 minute EMOM. Simples. Well, simples apart from the fact that rowing started to really pull on my back. Since that first back spasm a few weeks ago things haven’t been quite right so I’m having to adapt certain movements and it now seems rowing might also be on that list

Mon: 1pm CrossFit Class

5 Rounds of 1 min Max Effort (ME) Assault Bike for calories, 1 min ME Pull Ups (Jumping), 1 min Single Under Skips, 1 min Box Step Overs, 1 min Rest.

This workout was meant to include Rowing but I swapped to the bike to avoid any further back pain. It was also meant to be double unders and box jump overs but I’m being super careful and sensible. Yay me!

Tue: Rest Day

Today wasn’t originally planned as a rest day, even being New Years Eve. The gym’s tradition is to do the hero workout Bert, which I quite like in a weird way. Unfortunately the Boy and I found ourselves in Trowbridge attending the funeral of my uncle. Despite the sad occasion it did bring my family together and I got to spend the end of the year with some lovely people I haven’t seen in far too long.

Wed: Rest Day

Planned rest day. I had spoken to Kerry (my coach for those that are new to my blog) about doing Bert today at home but to be honest, after yesterday I just wanted a quiet day with the boy and Cracker Dog so thats what I did.

Thu: 9:30am Indoor Cycle Class

Man, it was so good to be back in front of a class, coaching a class. I launched my 2020 programme and week 1 is simply called ‘The Beginning’. Nothing complicated, just a tough non stop rotation of 1 climbing track and 1 speed track.

Thu: 1pm CrossFit Class

One of the Girls today;
3 Rounds for time of 400m Run, 21 American Kettlebell Swing (kept it lighter than usual at 12kg to protect my back), 12 Jumping Pull Ups.
Workout went well but the pull ups were definitely the worst bit.
Ended the session with a 10 min EMOM of 30 sec Hollow Hold and 30 sec Arch Hold.

Thu: 6.30pm Coach by Colour Indoor Cycle Class

Another go at the week 1 programme, this time with the Coach By Colour technology. Using power and proper metrics makes such a difference. The calorie burn between this and the morning class was similar but the training effect using Power was soooo much better. Power training really works people, use it!

Fri: 12.15pm Total Body Conditioning

A 3 parter today, with 2 minutes rest between each workout:
1) 10 min AMRAP of 200m run, 5 DB Box Step Up, 5 Single Arm Devil Press… well it was meant to be 5 but I told Toby I was going to do 6 as my brain can’t deal with odd numbers and uneven work so he made it 10… Sorry to the rest of the class!
2) 10 min EMOM 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off; Row and Slamball
3) 10 min EMOM 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off; Ski Erg and Squat
Hard work but enjoyable 🙂

Sat: Rest Day

This was one planned, ready for the run tomorrow.

Sun: 9.30am Resolution Run, by On The Whistle.

First race of the year and I made a promise to myself not to come home with anything less than a marathon. This was a 6 hour event comprising of 4.4 mile laps, well I say laps but it was actually dull as dishwater out and back along the same piece of coastal path. You needed 6 laps to hit marathon distant and this one was a true test of my mental grit. Plus, I should probably stop rocking up to events trying to run a marathon without doing any type of training run. I was seriously contemplating stopping after lap 3 but, being a follower of David Goggins, I sorted myself out and pushed on for the last 3. It was possible one of the least enjoyable runs I have ever done. Not that that is a reflection on the organisers, it was another well organised and well supported event. Total distance 26.4 miles..Done.

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