The 5 Pillars of the DB Training Methodology

I had a great response to my New Year’s message email earlier this week and some of you shared some really inspiring “word for 2024”

Better. Balance. Focus. Energy. Achieve. These are just a few.
Hold on to your word and use it to shape and guide your year.

As promised, the DB Conversation email will be back to dropping weekly, every Thursday, full of information that will help you become the best version of you, as both an athlete and a person, as possible.

To start the new year right I thought the first thing I would share is the 5 underlying principles of the Different Breed training methodology that I apply to all my athletes programming to ensure they have the best chance of hitting their goals.

1) Strength Reigns Supreme in Endurance:
There’s no such thing as too strong for an endurance warrior.

2) Minimum Effort, Maximum Impact:
Train smarter, not harder. Extract the most from the least.

3) Specificity is King:
Adapt, endure, conquer. Your ability to sustain is your ticket to success.

4) Build Consistently, Adapt Relentlessly:
Every small step fortifies your foundation. When hurdles appear, leap higher.

5) Recovery: The Unsung Hero of Triumphs:
Embrace the lows, they’re the launchpad to your highs.
I’ll expand on each one separately in future communications but this gives you all an understanding of the basics I use without exception to build ultimate endurance warriors.

Remember, if there is a particular subject you want covered, drop me a message and let me know. I want this conversation to be as useful to you as possible.

About Liza Smith

Liza: The Endurance Expert – Unlock Your Peak Athletic Potential!

Dedicated to endurance, particularly in extreme events like Ironman, OCR and Ultras, Liza stands out not just as a coach but as an emblem of determination and tenacity.

With a reputation for moulding winners and transforming raw potential into prowess, Liza is the top pick for those aspiring to reign supreme in their sport.

Liza’s coaching philosophy centres on the power of the mind. Her five pillars – Control the Controllable, Find the Positive, Focus on You, 100% Effort, and Extreme Ownership – guide athletes to both mental and physical excellence.

Whether you're just starting out or vying for the gold, Liza ensures your hard work delivers results. Train with Liza and unleash the ultimate athlete within you.