Treat yourself like you would your best friend!

One of the things I have noticed lately in various conversations with some of my athletes lately is that some are unfortunately willing to say some of the meanest things… about themselves.

Endurance events are tough enough, without making things harder for ourselves.

Why are some people willing to make things even worse by shrouding themselves in negativity? One of the keys to a bulletproof mindset is “Find the Positive” and this applies when talking about ourselves.

For some reason some don’t allow the whole ‘Be Kind’ movement to apply to themselves.

So often recently I have had to say to someone “hey, thats my friend you’re talking about” after they’ve slated themselves for being lazy/pathetic/shit.

If you overheard someone saying that about your best friend… how would you feel? It would make you angry right? Yet it can be so easy for us to berate ourselves and not even flinch.

A lot is said of the ideology to love oneself and if you are in that zone where you are truly happy with who you are then great but for some that idea is either a little too abstract or just a little bit difficult so I’ve been pushing something a little bit different… just treat yourself like you would your best friend.

I don’t know about you but my best friend and I are always honest with each other, but we are never mean. We can say things to each other that others maybe couldn’t but we are never disrespectful. We are each others biggest cheerleader and confidante.

So, what I mean when I say “treat yourself like you would your best friend” I mean… Would you say those things you just said about yourself about your best friend? Would you tell your best friend they were shit for sucking in that workout? Pathetic for their event placing? Being stupid for feeling overwhelmed or stressed if they were in the same situation as you? Or would you be supportive? Try and find the good in the situation? Acknowledge their feelings and empathise with their feelings?

Please, next time you are about to call yourself something mean…


Be kind to yourself.

You deserve it.

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