IM Training Log w/c 10.02.20

February 16, 2020 // Liza Smith

*No body stats this week. Storm Dennis kicked in and I couldn’t be fudged to go down to the studio in that just to stand on the scales. I can wait until next week!

Mon: 12:15pm Total Body Conditioning

Back to our regular scheduled programming, meaning Monday = Row, Bike, Ski. 40 secs on, 20 secs off. Hold the same calories every round, which for me was Row – 13, Bike – 11, Ski – 9. Need to get stronger on that Ski Erg!!!

Mon: 1pm Core Training

Starting to step up the amount of core work as I am very aware that I made a slightly tipsy agreement with our CrossFit Box’s Head Coach and I also want to line up on the start line of the IronMan with a 6 pack… not because it will make me a better athlete or more likely to finish but because I want to prove I can dedicate myself to my nutrition and training.
I did the 10 minute Eliud Kipchoge routine and then spent 15 minutes running through various exercises such as Sit Ups, Russian Twists and GHD Sit Ups (The Glute Hamstring Developer – not hair straighters)

Tue: 11:30am FTP Test

Straight after coaching Insanity I headed for the beautiful IC7 indoor bike and started my FTP Ramp Test. Note to self, never do an FTP Test in an open gym when you don’t have your headphones. The constant grime playlist drove me to distraction and I actually quit maybe 1 ramp earlier than I should as I couldn’t stand it anymore. I was still very happy with the result and got an increase of 24 watts! If it had been my one shot as a test I would have dug in and carried on but I knew I could have another go soon. I already have some quality time booked with my coach’s Bike Erg next week and that is to do a 20 minute FTP test.

Tue: 3pm David Goggins Guided Home Workout

I felt like doing something extra today and while chatting with my good friend Mr Chris James his plans for a run were foiled so he said he was going to give the Goggins workout a go. I hadn’t yet sampled this particular delight so decided to do the same. He warned me not to preview it and just do it so I did as I was told. My only mistake was doing it in bare feet. My calf muscles did not appreciate that very much and if you give it a go, you will see why.
if you want to try it, it’s on YouTube:

Wed: 6:45am Indoor Cycle Class and 2 mile Run

Coach a cycle class, run with Gary. A good start to every Wednesday! I slightly felt the effects of yesterdays FTP test in the legs but nothing too bad. Too busy chatting on the run to really even think about whether it hurts or not. I guess that means it didn’t?!

Wed: 1pm CrossFit Class

Partner WOD with the husband today. Toby didn’t split us up today (no matter how much I hinted!) so we got to throw down together. It was an awesome workout;
20 Rounds – 30 min time cap
You Go I GO – 1 round each at a time
200m Row, 4 25kg Hang Power Clean, 6 Over Bar Burpees.
We pushed each other hard and got in just under the time cap. Boom! I always feel lucky that we are able to work out together and push each other. I know some couples that either get too competitive or just too angry with each other but we compliment each other quite well… plus there’s no point being competitive as he is pretty much better at everything than me and I’m ok with that!

Thu: 9:30am Indoor Cycle Class

Week 7 = Unbreakable; A pyramid session of endurance, sprint, race, climb, mountain, climb, race, sprint, endurance. It does not let up 🙂

Thu: 6:30pm Coach By Colour Indoor Cycle Class + RPM class

Coached the Coach By Colour Class then took a participant bike in studio (next to Gary for some motivation) for the second class. Back to back classes just to get a bit more time in the saddle.

Fri: Rest Day

Unplanned rest day. It was one of those days where other things became more important so training went out the window. Some people get really stressed when plans do not run exactly as dictated but I am not one of these people. I don’t get really down and/or angry/stress when injured… if I did, there would have been a whole load of stress last year! I’m currently dealing with a back issue but I am just figuring out how to work around it, although maybe the Hang Power Cleans on Weds weren’t such a good idea.

Sat: Planned Rest Day

Sun: 9:45am Indoor Cycle Class

I was supposed to be out on my bike this morning but Storm Dennis made sure that, for the second week in a row, that didn’t happen. However, yesterday evening I got a request to cover Cycle at Nuffield Chichester and gladly accepted. I introduced them to the Power Pyramid session and from the feedback I got, they LOVED it! I’m glad as so do I.
Not quite the milage I should have done but better than nothing.

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