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February 7, 2022 // Liza Smith

Start of the week brings me to 31 Days complete of the 75Hard challenge. This means I still need to hit the 2 x 45 minute workouts, one must be outdoors and they must not be consecutive rule so most days, due to bricking a lot of my sessions, my activity level continues to rise πŸ™‚

12:30pm – CrossFit Class
Barbell Day
WOD For Time:
18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3 Hang Power Snatch and Clean & Jerk
*Loved this workout. Grip strength held out and my plan for the WOD worked well. I finished just within the time cap, as in, with literally seconds to spare.

45 min Zone 2 Run
*Lots of layers, hat and gloves as it was pretty bitter outside. Still took over 5 minutes to get my HR out of zone 1 and in to zone 2 but once it was there, it was a steady run. It felt a little harder than a usual zone 2 due to me being completely ready for my rest day tomorrow.

Tues – Rest Day
8:20pm – 45 min Yoga Practice via DownDog App
*Another Yin Yoga session. Definitely more my style of yoga and definitely what I needed today to help me recover from the last few days of effort.

6:45am – Coach by Colour Indoor Cycle Class (as Coach)
*Week 7 of the 12 week Program = Unbreakable. A no rest, pyramid session using a mix of racing and climbing peaking in the middle with a brutal mountain climb.

7:30am – 2 Mile Brick Run
Two of my clients who also come to Indoor Cycle Class kept me company on the run this week. Its what I called a “Naked” run – I set the watch but don’t look at it while moving. This is a great way to test if your perceived effort matches your actual effort. The goal of this run was to keep it comfortable and the data showed a mix of Zone2/3 so not far off.

12:45pm – Pool Swim
1000m for time
*Aiming to continue my positive experience with swimming I decided to just swim this week. No repeats, no stopping, just swim 1000m and see what happens. I’m not going to break any speed records thats for sure but that isnt my goal. My only goal is to get through the swim relatively unscathed and without exerting too much effort. Today’s 1000m was fairly effortless, i enjoyed it and when I uploaded it to garmin, it turns out it was 3 minutes quicker than back in 2020… Result!

6:30pm – CrossFit Conditioning Class
42 Min EMOM (Min 1 to 4 40sec, Min 5 60sec)
1: Ski Erg, 2: No Push Up Burpee, 3: Double Under, 4: Alt DB Hang Clean & Jerk, 5: Row, 6: Rest
*Used this class as active recovery so easy intensity all the way through. First time having skipping in a conditioning class so I took the opportunity to play with all my different ropes and alternated my speed rope, heavy rope and drag rope. I’m easily pleased and found this fun πŸ™‚

6:30pm – Coach by Colour Indoor Cycle Class (as Coach)
*Same as Weds am.

12:30pm – CrossFit Class
15 Min AMRAP
800m Run + AMRAP 12 Alt DB Snatch, 6&6 Devil Thruster, 12 Weighted DB Step Up
*This was brutal! And yes, you read that right… Devil Thrusters! Do A S/A Devil Press, add a S/A Thruster and boom – one Devil Thruster. Another genius move from our Head Coach Toby.

2:00pm – Conditioning EMOM with Head Coach Toby
60 Min EMOM1: 30s Active Hang, 2: 20 Air Squat, 3: 30s Handstand Hold, 4: 60 Alt Single/Double Under 5: 20 Kettlebell Swing, 6: Rest
*It was Toby’s deload week so a it was a bit different this week…no crazy programming today. It was good but I’m looking forward to getting back to normal next week.

7:15am – Pre CrossFit 3 Mile Run
*With my CF training partner Simon, and my husband Carl πŸ™‚

8:00am – CrossFit Class (Partner wod with Simon)
30 Min AMRAP
Part A – P1 400m Farmer Carry, P2 Max Effort Row
Part B – Combined Row Cals x 2 = Wallball total to be completed (split reps)
Part C – Establish max weight for BB complex: Deadlift, Clean, Hang Clean, Jerk
*This looked horrific and while it was tough, both Simon and I really enjoyed it.

9:00am – Post CF 4 Mile Run
*Carl stayed to drink coffee and be sociable while Simon and I went back out for a few more miles. We hit the trails not far from the box and I discovered there are nicer places to run in Waterlooville than I realised.

6:00pm – Yoga Practice via DownDog App


6:00pm – Yoga Practice
*Originally I was going to do my usual Indoor Cycle Class and run, then I was going to go for a swim instead as that would be a little less, but I went to bed exhausted Saturday night so decided to just give myself permission to wake up without an alarm and have a lie in. Carl and I went for a long dog walk in the morning which was just perfect. Took an extra rest/active recovery day and didn’t stress about it at all as I knew I needed it.

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