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F&%K Herbalife!

October 26, 2021 // Liza Smith

PLEASE, Please stop giving your hard earned money to lazy bloody Herbalife distributors! 
*This was originally a facebook post but deserves a space here 🙂

Yes, learning about nutrition and how to successfully manage your diet (which just means your daily intake of food and drink) may take a little more time and effort but it is worth it!

You will save money and have the knowledge and skills you need to control your own life. 

Why on earth would you want to make someone else richer just because they tell you they’ll get you results (they claim) you can’t get on your own?

News Flash… of course you can!

Think about some of the bullshit lies these “coaches” (they are distributors, not coaches!) tell people:

1) Fruit and Veg has no real nutritional value anymore. 

Seriously? You are buying this? You honestly believe you need to buy expensive supplements because it’ll be better for you than eating real fruit and veg 

2) It’s not a meal replacement.

Yet they tell you to replace your breakfast with their product as it’ll be better for you… why? (And also, it says it right there on the product!) 

WTF is wrong with eating actual food. Nothing, except they can’t make money from that! 

3) Drink this “whizzy tea”. You’ll burn up to 80/100 calories.

Right, just fuck off now! How, and I mean seriously how, can you burn up to 100 calories just by drinking a tea 

Also… did you know that in 2021, as a company, they still test on animals???

If this post gets one person currently wasting their hard earned money on Herbalife to stop and think it’s a win for me! 

All we see is posts and stories from distributors showing how great their lives are, talking about how easy HL makes their lives (not your life by the way, theirs!) they care about money, not helping people. 

Yes we see endless posts of people looking smaller holding up newspapers but guess what restrict calories by replacing meals with shakes and anyone can get those results. And,  “anyone” does. You don’t have to learn anything about nutrition to become a seller. 

I get tapped by a HL seller at least every 3 months “hey, I’ve got a great opportunity for you” 

 I occasionally entertain their enquires just to find out more (or I’m bored and fancy a laugh). I usually ask about the training I’d get and I get list upon list of all the sales training but not one mention about actual nutrition training. 

Did you know those in the top echelons are reported to be earning +£400k a year from this pyramid scheme 

 Yup, they make that much money just from convincing others to sell and building up their “team”. Because that’s another fun piece of this ridiculous puzzle… if you try their products you can pretty much guarantee you’ll be tapped up to sell. You are a cash cow in so many ways! 

Come on people! 

Any Fit Pro selling HL is fucking just lazy. Don’t be lazy too and help them with their “blessed” lifestyle. 

Put some effort in, learn about nutrition and make YOUR life better, not theirs. 

If you want some help drop me a message and I’ll try and help you with the basics. It’s not as complicated as you maybe think. 

If you want to read and learn, buy any of the books by The Fitness Chef (and give him a follow on social media) 

If you need a protein supplement (and do you know that you do actually need it!) buy direct from a decent company that doesn’t still test on animals. 

If you need Aloe Vera it’s about £8 a bottle from Holland & Barrett, and yes that’s 100% pure. Rather than the 40% stuff they sell for approx £30! 

The same goes for most, if not all, of their supplements! 

There is not 1 valid, viable reason to need Herbalife 

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