Do your actions support your goals?

Let me ask it another way… Are you truly acting like the person, and athlete, you want to be?  

I work with a range of athletes across various endurance sports; Triathlon, Obstacle Course Racing, Hyrox etc.

Every single one of them has a goal they are working towards. For some it’s an age cat or podium finish. For others it’s simply to complete their A race and finish it well.

Every goal, regardless of size, requires some level of sacrifice alongside a huge amount of hard work and dedication.

Most people have a good idea of what it takes to achieve their goal. The hours of training required, the organisation of daily life to make that time, the dialled in nutrition, the early nights, the early mornings, saying no to certain social gatherings, saying no to certain favourite races or events as they just don’t mesh with the overall Big Goal … the list goes on and for some, it just doesn’t sound worth it.

Thats why so many people are content with just being average…if that.

Some are content to make the excuses, hide behind busy lives and find all the reasons not to do what is truly required.

Others say that they really want it, but their actions just never quite meet their words.

It may be that they just aren’t quite ready yet, or maybe they like the idea but in practise they really aren’t willing to do what it takes.

I’ve definately been guilty of this in the past. I would say I really wanted to achieve “X” but I wasn’t acting the person who would do that. I wasn’t watching my nutrition, I was still eating badly, watching my weight creep up but not doing a damn thing about it. I would say I was too busy to count macros but come on – it seriously only takes a few extra minutes of effort to weigh food and log it correctly. I was just being lazy. Plus, that still didn’t explain the amount of crap I was eating!  I was hitting my training sessions, for the most part, but I was content that that was enough. I wasn’t truly ready or willing to do everything it would take.

Luckily I have managed to shed that person and now I can, hand on heart, say that I truly act like the person I need to be to achieve my goal.

The first step – getting real with yourself and figuring out if you are truly willing, and able, to do what it takes.

This might involve a conversation with your coach as you may be willing but not be actually sure exactly how to make it work, especially if you have a very busy life that seems inflexible. As I said in the beginning, it will require some sacrifice but a smart coach will be able to help you figure out how to lessen the impact and make it work.

Is it hard? Yes… but then so is dialling it in, living behind excuses and not living your true potential. Both are hard. One is infinitely more worthwhile than the other.

We’ve all met those people. You know the ones. They turn up on the start line and immediately tell you all the “ reasons” why they are likely not going to have a good event. They got a poor night sleep / They woke up that morning with a weird niggle / Their dog ate their training plan…. Preloaded excuses give weak minded people a get out of jail free card. It doesn’t matter if they suck, because they already told you they would… and it’s not their fault.

Do not be one of these people.

Do the work that’s required, ALL of the work that’s required and whether you do or not, own your shit.

Also, remember this (one of my favourites: No one Cares. Work Harder.

Once you have set your sights on a goal, make sure you go all in and back yourself 100%


About Liza Smith

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