Different Breed Athlete

Anna (Nutrition Client)

I started nutritional coaching with Liza in around September 2021 all in a bid to get healthier and prepare for my wedding. Liza worked out two calorie targets to help me hit my goals. One was based on a higher activity level, and one on a lower level, depending on my week.

I think it’s clear now that I was not eating enough calories in a day and at first, I was surprised how many calories I should eat.

Liza introduced me to a group of other members all of which were on their own nutritional journey. This was really helpful as we encouraged each other to keep tracking and offer tips and advice. Liza was really clued up and on hand to give advice where needed. It was a non-judgemental space which needed and allowed me to be honest with my tracking.

I enjoy a drink at the weekend and a ‘treat’ at the weekend. I could still do this and never felt I had to go without.

Liza also assisted with macronutrients and tailormade a ratio of fats, proteins and carbohydrates to accelerate my success. This wasnt easy but again, Liza was on hand to help and offer products that were of benefit to my goals.

I can feel the difference in my energy levels both during and not during workouts, and most importantly- for me- I can feel a difference in my clothes and appearance and feel much more confident.

I will continue to track and manage macros as it has become routine now the best thing that has worked for me!