Different Breed Athlete

Angie (Athlete)

Well, what can I say… Been a coaching client of Liza’s for nearly 2 years. What a journey I have been on, both emotionally and physically and Liza has been there for me throughout.

I was getting stuck in a rut it’s fair to say with regard to progressing and doing the same old routines. Discovered Liza and not looked back. She is inspirational in herself, which has inspired me to set personal goals and achieve them. Have done sporting events over the last 2 years, that I thought I would never accomplish – 100-mile bike rides and 50km Ultramarathon.

Liza’s commitment to achieving your goals never waivers, and she is there for you to give you the encouragement and grit you need to get through (even when she is not physically with you as well – can always hear her words of wisdom when times get hard to push me through).

Need a push, a change in lifestyle, or a new challenge then Liza has all the essential skills and experience to get you to where you want to be.

You’re one superstar!