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Better Endurance, without the guesswork

If you have spent months (or even years) training hard to improve your endurance and performance but find you’re just not making the progress your efforts deserve, it’s time to change something. Right?

Those lost hours of YouTube videos and books are just going to keep giving you the same results, but performance coaching takes the guesswork, frustration, and lost time out of training so you can finally get the wins you deserve.

I can optimize your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, and you’ll achieve results you currently only dream of, become a Different Breed of athlete…

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Unlock your endurance and reach your performance potential!

Coaching is not for everyone, but if you’re a DIFFERENT BREED it’s time to sign up.
I work with weekend warriors and athletes like you to develop individualized training plans that are uniquely tailored to your goals and abilities.

individualised athlete training


Your coaching plan will be created specifically for YOU, based on what you need to improve and hit your goals – Removing the confusion of what works for you

individualised athlete training


Your performance improvements will be recorded and measured using advanced analytics and training – Everything is optimised, saving you hours of wasted effort

optimised athlete training


Your workouts will have the right balance and volume of training to help you avoid burnout and injury – So you will be in your best shape when you need to be

Coaching is not for everyone

Do You need an Endurance Coach?

While it is true not everyone needs a coach, I’m sure you’d also agree that everyone serious about their chosen endurance sport or athletic performance has some kind of coaching.

Yes, there is plenty of information out there if you want to keep looking, testing and trying to work it out for yourself.

But what if everything you do is programmed, bespoke and worked out specifically for you as an athlete to reach your potential and goals?

Whether you have a specific upcoming event or you just get fired up by being beyond average, we should talk…


Break free from the Comfort Zone

Why choose Different Breed?

As an athlete, you know how challenging it can be to achieve your goals without the right guidance and support.

You may have spent months or even years training hard, but find you’re just not making the progress your efforts deserve but that’s where I can help.

With Different Breed’s performance coaching, you can take the guesswork, frustration, and lost time out of training.

I only work with weekend warriors and athletes like you to develop individualized training plans tailored to your goals and abilities.

Quite simply, with my support, you’ll be able to optimize your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, and achieve the results you currently only dream of, in fact, you’ll become a Different Breed of athlete.


Take action

How does Performance Coaching Work?

It starts with you taking action and booking a chat. Once your slot is booked we’ll have a chat to find out about your goals and any specific events or targets you have. If we can work together and we BOTH feel it’s a match we’ll get started.

Typically the process is:


I would start by assessing your physical ability, skill level, psychological and lifestyle factors.


We start by evaluating your strength, endurance, speed, agility, technical abilities in your specific sport, motivation, confidence, focus, ability to handle pressure, sleep patterns, nutrition, hydration and recovery strategies.


Once we have assessed your strengths and areas for improvement, we create a training programme tailored to your goals. This will involve developing a periodized training plan that focuses on measurable progression toward your goals, while also considering your psychological and lifestyle factors. We will also work on improving your nutrition, hydration, sleep, and recovery strategies to ensure optimal performance.


In addition to physical training, we would also work on improving your mental skills, such as motivation, confidence, focus, and ability to handle pressure. We would develop a mental skills training plan that would help you to stay mentally strong and focused during training and competition.

Monitoring & Analysis

Throughout your training programme, we conduct regular assessments to monitor your progress towards your goal and make adjustments as needed. Our ultimate goal would be to help you achieve your full potential and reach your performance goals.


It is easy to find average people that are happy being stuck in their Comfort Zone…

– Liza Smith

Coaching Plans

Each coaching plan is created to your individual requirements and paid monthly or a fixed block price in the case of some nutrition plans

Different Breed Performance and endurance coaching sessions

Remote Coaching

Endurance and Performance programming with continued measurable, targeted results via online tools and apps. Guaranteed to make all the difference to your training, so you smash your fitness goals!


Different Breed Performance and endurance coaching sessions

Remote Coaching

Maximize your endurance and performance with specialized programming. Utilizing state-of-the-art online tools and apps, we ensure quantifiable, focused outcomes. Elevate your training and shatter your athletic milestones with guaranteed results!


Different Breed 1-1 coaching sessions

In Person:
1-1 or 2-2-1

Specialist Sport Specific Coaching that will help you maximise your results and reach beyond your goals at my bespoke training studio


Train Smarter, Not Harder

Get Results Faster

Performance coaching is all about helping athletes like you to reach your maximum potential in your sport. You may be able to achive this by guesswork and grind, but I can give you Science-Backed Peak Performance Strategies that actually get results without the wasted time and effort…

Results speak for themselves,
so do my athletes

Below are just a few testimonials from clients in their own words. Are you a Different Breed?

“I’ve been taking part in triathlon for about 10 years with various coaches, But in the last 18 months of working with Liza I’ve actually started to compete. In our first year together, I achieved new heights including an Ironman 70.3 world championship slot! At those World Championships I achieved…

- Adam (Athlete)


You’ll find it hard to find a coach that listens to you, that strives to understand your goals and then works as tirelessly to get you where you want to be. Sometimes her path may not appear to align with the result (you think) you’re looking for, especially if you’ve…

- Chris J (Athlete)


I asked for help from Liza over 6 months ago as I am attempting my first Ironman this year. She has set me up with everything I need; diet tips, workout plans, motivation in fact the whole package – if you are prepared to commit to the plan, look no…

- George (Athlete)



Athletic Performance Training that turns ordinary athletes into winners, using proven principles, tested programs, and robust expert coaching individualised to help you reach your goals.


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