Being average isn’t enough

Why did I Rebrand?

I created Forza Fitness in 2016 when I started out in the fitness industry.

I had my Gym and PT qualifications and certified in a few group ex formats: Boxercise, Cycle, Insanity, Core De Force etc…

I worked with a massive range of clients on a 121 basis as a PT and delivered around 12 gym classes a week.

I was a well qualified PT and Fitness Professional.

I built a small but amazing community and together the Forza Fitness squad took on many, many awesome events (mostly OCR’s and mainly Tough Mudder)

I was (and still am) extremely proud of Forza Fitness – what is meant to me, what it meant to others and on the whole, what it represented.

2019 onwards I started to understand my true strengths as a Coach. I understood, as all good fitness professional do eventually, that I needed to specialise. This would mean turning my focus on the thing that is my true passion – Endurance.

I created the sub brand Forza Performance. I started working with endurance athletes under this brand. I gained specific qualifications to enable me to help them better: Strength & Conditioning Coach, Ironman Certified Coach, Training Peaks accreditation, Nutrition coach… I was definitely on my way to exactly where I was meant to be…

BUT the name no longer seemed to fit.
Forza Fitness, Forza Performance. I didn’t like the separation and neither name now represented who I was as a Coach, or who my clients were.

I made the bold decision to rebrand late in 2022 and in April 2023 we were done.

In April 2023 Forza Fitness became extinct and we literally became a Different Breed.

Different Breed is the place for anyone that is looking to become better; become more than the average; become something that is strong both physically and mentally. Different Breed is the place for those who constantly have people tell them “You’re Crazy”

NO, We are not crazy… We just aren’t like you… We are a Different Breed.

If this is you, You are welcome. I hope you like it here as much as I do.